Brooklyn artist Wes Lang has been busy the past couple months designing artwork for the Grateful Dead’s new 1990 Spring Box Set, which includes 18 CDs, a beautiful hardcover book, tour program, backstage passes, and ticket stubs. It’s all looking great. There’s also a sick line of merchandise (stickers, patches and Ts) that’s definitely worth checking out.

Classic Red Truck on Kent on Flickr.

Parked on Kent Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. -0.5 exposure compensation when shot with 28mm EF, some color balance (minor cross-process, blue shadow, yellow highlight and green reduction) tweaking in lightroom.

Nuclear Cherry Blossom on Flickr.

Shot in McCarren Park / Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211 : Obviously a good deal of post-production. Two graduated filters, desaturation of all channels except for red, hand desaturated anything left in the building/grass, increased the vibrancy, minor cross process red/blue highlights/shadows and threw in some post-crop vignetting for mood. Something a little different.

Tuning In on Flickr.

Raccoon Tuning In. Piece of street art that stands three stories tall on North 9th. Brooklyn.

Car being devoured. #streetart #nyc #newyork #car #grafitti #tentacles #purple

Vanishing Trees on Flickr.

Taken on a road trip from LA to NYC. My photos can also be found on 500px, Instagram, and Flickr.